Timberland Regional Library (MyTRL) Partnership with the Wishkah Valley School District

We are excited to share that the Wishkah Valley School District (TSD) and the Timberland Regional Library (TRL) have formed a partnership to provide students access to a wider range and depth of information via the library’s vast electronic services collection.

Beginning November 1, 2021, our students can now be the beneficiaries of “MyTRL” – an online-only Timberland library card. The “MyTRL” program can provide our students in elementary, middle and high school with access to the public library’s large and updated collection of research resources, eBooks, digital magazines, downloadable music, videos, and kids and teen homework help. This program is modeled after other similar library/school district partnerships statewide.

MyTRL allows for students to view and check out electronic library resources that are automatically returned, so no fines incur. Students can also upgrade their online only library card to a regular library card with a parent's permission and verification of the address and contact information. Students who already have a regular TRL card may continue to use it as well as the WVSD digital card.

Parents may choose to opt out of the MyTRL program at any time via the District's Skyward Family Access portal (see instructions linked below) or in person at their child's school.

Teachers have been trained on accessing the MyTRL services and how to help students access their new accounts. Please direct questions to your child's teacher.

Students should bookmark the Link to MyTRL by clicking on the star in the far right side of the URL box where the web address goes. They will be prompted to name and save the bookmark. They should call it MyTRL. When they enter their password, they should save their username and password so they don’t need to put it in when asked again. Some of the databases will ask for the user name and password again, so saving it is essential.

Student Access

Students access it with the following login:

  • USERNAME: WVSD student ID + birth month (2 digits) + birth year (4 digits)

  • PIN: birth month + birth day

Example of a student login with a birthday of 04/30/2008 and a WVSD Student Number of#1234567

  • Username: 1234567042008

  • Password: 0430

Link to login page: https://tinyurl.com/ybaneupg