Co-Curricular Activities (Athletics)

The Wishkah Valley School District believes that participation in activities and athletics can help students build success and character. Working together as a team can provide the necessary character traits that help to produce outstanding citizens and employable workers. It is our goal to provide co-curricular programs that enable all student athletes to experience success and learn the many needed life skills that are developed through competition.

Athletic Director
Co-Curricular Activities & Athletics

The Wishkah Valley School District is pleased to offer the following activities.


  • Cheerleading

  • High School Football

  • High School Volleyball

  • Junior High Volleyball


  • High School Boys Basketball

  • High School Girls Basketball

  • Junior High Boys Basketball

  • Junior High Girls Basketball

  • High School Knowledge Bowl

  • Junior High Knowledge Bowl


  • High School Equestrian

  • High School Baseball

  • High School Fast Pitch

  • High School Track

  • Junior High Track


  • Knowledge Bowl

  • Honor Society

  • ASB Government