OCTOBER 21, 2008                                                                           7:00 P.M.



    CHAIRMAN _________________________________


    SECRETARY­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ ­­­­­­­­­________________________________


    MEMBERS PRESENT                                              GUESTS

    Mike Pauley, Chairman                                               M’Liss Hansen

    Rick McDougall                                                           JoLynn Berge

    Jim Peterson                                                               David Anderson

    Jina Gardiner                                                              Craig Gallington

    Ray Yoder, Superintendent                                        Nathan Marsh

    Joel Tyndell, Principal                                                  Chris Gish      

    Sandy Sundling, Business Manager  



    The meeting was called to order by the chairman, Mr. Pauley. The flag salute was said by all present. Dee Busse was absent.



    Mr. McDougall made a motion to approve the agenda. Mr. Peterson seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.



    Mr. Pauley introduced David Anderson from the Booster Club to discuss repairs for the bleachers in the Gym. Mr. Anderson stated that the booster club wanted to repair the broken bleachers in the gym, but found that the shop class was fixing them. He asked the board who to talk to about the booster club painting the repaired bleachers. He said there would be no cost to the school district. Mr. Yoder stated that he and Mr. Anderson had discussed a procedure for the booster club to go through to do projects. Mr. Yoder said that they should contact Mr. Tyndell and himself to arrange projects to be done. Mr. McDougall felt the Board did not need to be involved. Mr. Peterson said that he would welcome any volunteer help. The Board agreed that the Booster Club would bring proposals to Mr. Yoder and Mr. Tyndell for future projects.

    JoLynn Berge gave the board a proposal for the booster club to raise money to replace the outside bleachers. The booster club is proposing to raise $50,000 to remove the existing bleachers and replace it with a shelter with removable metal bleachers that could be used for baseball as well. The Booster Club will provide the first $10,000. They are hoping that additional money, materials, and labor will be donated by The Home Depot and the Kelsey Foundation. They are planning to have the plans and funding finalized by spring of 2009, and start construction by spring 2010. Mr. McDougall asked if this required action. Mr. Yoder responded no, this would follow the process that we talked about earlier. Mrs. Berge stated that the booster club wanted feed back on the project to see if the board has any alternative projects. There was some additional discussion regarding the location of the football field, and where the new structure would be. Craig stated that the plans need to meet Grays Harbor County specifications.



    A. Mrs. Hansen wanted to know if there was something that could be done to fix the leak in the concession stand on the football field. Mr. Gallington stated that at the moment it was not a top priority. Mr. Tyndell stated that the Pep Club knew that the roof leaked in the concession stand, but still wanted to use it.



    Mr. McDougall made a motion to approve the consent agenda, Mr. Peterson seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.



    A. Energy Project – Mr. Gallington introduced Nathan Marsh and Chris Gish from Richmond Engineering. The BPA contacted them to identify electrical energy savings for the school. Mr. Gish passed out a proposal to the Board. Mr. Gish stated that since the main school was heated by fuel, and not by a heat pump they were not able to determine electrical savings for heating the school, but after the BPA reports are completed they could give an estimate on upgrading the heating system. He reminded the board that it looks like a short list but it is just electrical savings, and the information is not a report, just a proposal of what could be done. From this proposal the board needs to decide which items to address for funding. Mr. Peterson asked what the relationship was between the fuel used and the electrical energy used. Mr. Gallington stated that the BPA has to have the electrical energy analysis before going forward on the fuel energy and the cost of replacing the boiler. Mr. Gish stated that the BPA is only interested in electrical energy savings, not fossil fuel savings. The purpose is to get the BPA to help fund as many of the improvements as possible. Some of the improvements will be conducive to changing over to gas or to a HVAC system. The proposal is to; upgrade the lighting fixtures where needed, add insulation where needed, change the windows from single to double pane windows where needed, and to upgrade from baseboard heaters to forced air heaters where needed. The lighting upgrade will also provide much better lighting in the classrooms. There was additional discussion regarding the savings to the district versus the cost, how much the BPA will possibly fund, and when an answer from the BPA would be received. Mr. McDougall stated that he wanted the company to pursue the project with BPA, and the rest of the board agreed. Mr. Gish stated that they would have all reports ready by the end of the month.

    B. Mrs. Gardiner reported on the conflict resolution training. She stated that everyone took a lot of information from the training.



    A. Mr. Peterson made a motion to approve the recommendation to hire: Rebecca Stanley-Kilpatrick English Teacher and JH/HS Knowledge Bowl Coach, and Bob Eager Junior High Boys Basketball Coach. Mr. McDougall seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

    B.1st reading of new and revised policies: 1105, 1105P, 3421, 3421P, 3432, 3432P, 6223, 2022, 2022P, 2412, 5610, 6801, 6801P. Mr. Pauley asked if these were from WASSDA. Mr. Yoder stated that they were. A few were new but most were just revisions. There was no further discussion.

    C. Mr. McDougall made a motion to approve Resolution #10-21-2008-1 to close bank accounts at Sterling and open bank accounts at The Bank of the Pacific. Mr. Peterson seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.



    Mr. Tyndell reported that the attendance at Open House was down. He also did the healthy use survey this year. The Missoula Children’s Theatre was a really hard week in the school but the play was very impressive. The program was funded by a $5,000 grant, and the ASB made $800 from ticket sales. Mr. Tyndell pointed out a chart showing why kids are withdrawing. A lot of the kids were out of district. Mr. McDougall asked what percentages of our students were out of district? Mr. Tyndell stated that we are at about 20% out of district right now. Mr. Tyndell reported that the new English teacher was really pleased to be in a school where they support the students so much.



    Mr. Yoder reported to the board that the information he sent them earlier included challenges districts might be facing trying to pass bonds. The fact that property values are going down means that the tax collections will be going down. It is hopeful that the Volleyball and Football teams will make it to the District and State Tournaments. Knowledge Bowl will be starting soon. Mr. Yoder stated that he spent some time with Steve Shish at OSPI regarding our apportionment funding. Taking the worst case scenarios with enrollment and what the legislature might do, we will still be in acceptable shape for the next few years. We are going to face a few funding issues, but it is not as bad as we originally thought. Mr. Pauley asked if they will be giving us more apportionment. Mr. Yoder responded that we will not know until the Legislature has made a decision. Mrs. Sundling reported that there is an enrollment cap where we can still lose a few students and not have a lot deducted from our apportionment, but if we lose a lot of students we will have problems. Mr. Peterson asked if we got any money from FEMA. Mrs. Sundling responded that we got $7,000 dollars. Mr. Yoder stated that we have been working on this every week for months. There was some additional discussion regarding FEMA and the processing of the reimbursement.



    Mr. McDougall made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:36 pm.

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