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Growth and Development + HIV/AIDS education

April 15, 2021


Dear Families of 5th-12th Grade Students,

This year, we will be teaching Growth and Development for 5th and 6th graders and HIV/AIDS education for students in grades 5-12 on Thursday, May 20 and/or on Tuesday, May 25.   We are still working out the specific details on how we will group students for the instruction, but we are most likely planning to separate them by gender for the instruction this year.

The growth and development section for 5th graders will cover the physical and emotional changes that boys and girls experience during puberty.  The boys and girls will be separated for instructional videos, but will both see the same video, "Always Changing" coed version.  We also have an anonymous question box and will answer appropriate questions in class.  We will encourage students to see us individually for other questions. 

The HIV/AIDS section covers the immune system, how the HIV virus is spread, and how to avoid becoming infected.  The HIV/AIDS video is very basic.  It stresses abstinence as the only 100% effective option to avoid sexual transmission of the virus. We will also mention how to use refusal skills to overcome peer pressure. Please email me if you would like to have the links to view the videos we will be using, or to view in person.

Parents/guardians have the choice of opting their child out of this curriculum.  However, Washington State Law requires that parents, prior to opting their child out, provide a signed written statement to the school, after having reviewed the curriculum and materials used in this instruction.  Parents/guardians may also choose to opt a child out of part of the curriculum. If you want your child to participate, there is NO need to turn in a form. I will have the curriculum and class materials available for viewing, by appointment, or some groups will be using a video that has a link I can give to you. Please make an appointment by emailing  Please also email me if you have any questions on this training.


Ruth Safonova, R.N., ESD 113 School Nurse

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