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Re-opening plan update!

January 8, 2021


Dear Parents,

Ms. Hargrave and I would like to update you on some recent developments that concern your students.

Last night the Wishkah Valley School Board voted to adopt the attached Safe Start Plan.  While this plan is still under development, it calls for teachers to return to the building on Monday, January 25, 2021 and the first day for students will be Tuesday, January 26, 2021.

Since November 2, 2020 we have had 25 – 30% of our K-12 student body in small study groups and 63% of our staff at school on a daily basis.  Despite high COVID numbers around the county, to date we have not had any student or employee with a COVID diagnosis.  We have proven that in-person school can be done safely. 



  • Careful contact tracing, strict isolation, and quarantine.
  • Strict use of approved PPE, including proper face coverings.
  • Strict social distancing.
  • Faithful sanitization and sterilization.
  • Keeping students in cohorts.
  • Following proven protocols and procedures.


The plan is to offer a regular traditional school schedule.  School will be as usual with some necessary modifications.  We anticipate that some parents will choose to have their students remain in distance learning. This plan allows for in-person learning as well as distance learning.  We expect that students will have to commit to one instructional model or the other for at least a quarter.  In addition, we are hopeful that we will be able to offer some athletics depending upon WIAA and league guidelines.

What can you do to help?  For now we need to know if your student will be in-person or distance as soon as possible.  This information is critical for us to plan for staffing and room sizes.  Please contact Allesia Cooper, 360 532-3128, to RSVP.

As always you can always contact either of us with your questions and concerns.



Don Hay                                                                                                               Edwina Hargrave

Interim Superintendent                                                                                Principal

Wishkah Valley SD                                                                                           Wishkah Valley SD                                                                                     


WV Second Semester In-Person Start Up/COVID Safety Plan