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Registration - High School Office Open August 20

Wishkah School Registration Information

The high school office will be open August 20, 2019 at 9:00 am and be open each school working day thereafter.  For registration information and questions you may contact Secretary/Registrar Gwen Hamilton at, 360 532-3128.


Students entering Wishkah Valley School District need to furnish the following information before the student can attend class.

  • Birth Certificate - A birth certificate must be presented for proof of age.  kindergarten students must be five years old and first graders must be six years old by August 31st.
  • Immunizations - Proof of immunizations, as required by state law, is necessary before a student can attend class.
  • Transcripts - Students transferring from another school district should present a withdrawal sheet or report card and a transcript if in grades 9-12.  This is used for correct placement in classes.
  • Student Records Release - The parent or guardian must sign a school information release form to allow Wishkah Valley School District to obtain the student’s records from the previous school.
  • Application for Attendance in Non-Resident District – Students who do not live in the Wishkah Valley School District must complete a Non-Resident District Form annually for each of your children. This must be done each year.  The forms are available in the school office and at the link above.   The non-resident district (Wishkah) superintendent must accept a student prior to being released by the resident district superintendent.
  • Application – applications for admission can be obtained at that high school office during normal school business hours.