• Senior Page Info deadline is Thursday

    Posted by Yearbook Staff on 10/28/2019 10:45:00 AM

    Yearbook Senior Page Information Due Thursday


    Are you a Wishkah Valley senior? Have you turned in your information for your senior page in the yearbook with a yearbook staff member?


    Well, on Thursday (Halloween), your information -- Senior photos/Senior quote/Signature -- is due to the Yearbook staff. The Yearbook staff will begin laying out your page over the next couple of weeks and the information is needed.

    If there is a delay in getting the information to your yearbook staff member, contact your representative or Mr. Burns (rburns@wishkah.org).

    Thank you for your understanding.


    P.S.: Are your parents interested in buying a Senior Ad for the yearbook? If so, have them contact Mr. Burns for the page rate and deadline information. 

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  • Maren Erickson, Wishkah Valley football player

    Posted by Wishkah Publishing on 10/9/2019 2:00:00 PM

    (Editor's Note: Despite the cancellation of the 2019 Homecoming Football Game on Saturday, we decided to publish this Q&A with Maren Erickson, in order to highlight one of the team's players here at Wishkah. Q&A by Aleah Clevenger and photo by Kelcey Bernhardy.)


    (Kelcey Bernhardy | Wishkah Publishing) Maren Erickson is one of eight players on the Wishkah Valley football team.


    An inside look of the WVS Football Team

    #8 Maren Erickson


    Aleah - Why did you decide to play football?

    Maren - I decided to play because my dad coached a college football team, so I would watch and practice with them. These are some of the only fun memories I have as a kid that weren’t involved in dangerous activities. I’d be their only cheerleader and I’d get inside his jacket and rolled around the track.


    Aleah - So you were heavily influenced by your dad as a kid? 

    Maren - Yes, but he didn’t force me to play or like football.


    Aleah - What's it like having your dad as the coach?

    Maren - It’s not that different from other sports. He doesn’t treat me as his child, but another one of his players. 


    Aleah - Is this the first team you’ve been on? 

    Maren - Yes.


    Aleah - How do you imagine the season to go?

    Maren - So far, we only have two games planned, but we’re looking pretty good, considering we’re going up against bigger schools. 


    Aleah - Do you think people should care that you’re female and playing football?

    Maren - Nope, I do not think gender has any role on whether or not you can play a sport. 


    Aleah - How do the other football players treat you?

    Maren - I am one of the guys. They don’t treat me like I’m delicate or that I can’t do it because of my gender. 


    Aleah - What’s one thing you’d like to say about your team?

    Maren - We work well together, and understand what we’re trying to say to each other. We communicate well, and I’m excited about our first game on Saturday, October 12th, at 1PM. Be there or be square.

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  • QOTD - Ice Cream

    Posted by Wishkah Publishing on 6/5/2019 2:30:00 PM

    Greetings and salutations Wishkah community. Here is the Question Of The Day: What is your favorite ice cream?


    • Cookie dough
    • I like the Reese's Ice cream
    • Bubble gum
    • Cotton Candy or Bubble Gum
    • Marble -Gwen
    • Chocolate Mint -Babe
    • Oreo
    • Moose Tracks and Cookies and cream
    • Mint
    • Chocolate Chip and Mint
    • Rocky Road
    • Chocolate Moose Tracks or Bubble Gum
    • Strawberry
    • Vanilla
    • Chocolate
    • Any type of Sherbert
    • Chocolate Peanut Butter
    • Strawberry for Life!
    • Chocolate Chip. It’s so good!


    Thanks for reading the student blog. If you have a suggestion for the next question, or any thing you would like to see on the blog, please contact Cristil Schrotberger, JJ Morris, Allison Van Blaricom, Josh Johnson, Fhasai Kaewjarernwong, or Mr. Burns. We would love to hear from our fellow students, staff, and community.


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  • New water fountain filters water, saves on plastic

    Posted by Wishkah Publishing on 5/10/2019 2:00:00 PM

    Mr Burns demonstrates how the new water fountain works. It works great...


    New water fountain filters water, saves on plastic


    Hello Wishkah!

    As you may know, we have received a new water fountain. Well, the idea of having this water fountain is to reduce the number of plastic water bottles that are thrown away. On the fountian, it has a digital counter that tells you how many water bottles we have saved. The number of water bottles that have been saved so far is 2,659. Thats a lot of plastic that has been saved from ending up in the ocean and in places they shouldn’t be. So let’s keep up the great work Wishkah and let’s keep the plastic in check. 

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  • Annual Portland Trail Blazers trip

    Posted by Ashly Ellefson on 5/9/2019 8:30:00 AM

    April 10th Annual Trailblazers Game, Day of Miracles

    Eagerly I await in anticipation for our trip to the Portland Trailblazers Game. This is hands down my very favorite day of the entire school year. Yes, this trip requires students to stay up all night and we do not hit school grounds until 1:00 or 2:00 am. Yes, this trip requires being trapped on a bus, almost all day long. And yes, there are times when I wonder, what was I thinking?!!! Be as it may, crazy or not, I anticipate this trip all year long and this years’ trip definitely did not disappoint. This is my third year doing the annual 6th Grade trip to see the Trailblazers during the playoffs. Although the end of the year is in June, I make this my end of the year deal in April, to align with basketball season. It was remarkable in prior years, still, it did not hold a candle to this years’ experience.

     Initially, the concept of the group experience brings it to an entirely new level since you have a personal guide helping to see that none of the details are left to chance. As a very type A individual, this really made things a lot better on my end because I generally like to leave nothing to chance (if I can help it), especially when it comes to school trips. As we were leaving, I decided to check my e-mail one last time to make sure I was not forgetting anything for our long voyage (3 hours on a bus EACH way…). I found out it was fan day, which I did not know when I chose this particular game. I double checked with Kyle so I did not share with the students carelessly, if I was somehow misreading the e-mail. To my sheer delight, he responded instantly and yep, we were all getting a free hat and a bobble head. They were SO excited and we hadn’t even left the school yet. As a prior fan and someone who most definitely took advantage of the preseason tickets that go with the group experience, I was already bragging about how we were over a 100 seats closer than the other years (instead of the highest corner you could get).

    BUT wait, there’s more! Suddenly, I had multiple missed calls and even a text from Kyle who was fervently trying to get ahold of me for some reason. At first, I was nervous because I thought maybe I messed something up (yes, it is fair to say I may be a slight hypochondriac or maybe overachiever is the word…). I had missed all of these calls because being on a bus with kids is about the equivalent of being in an underground tunnel with shrieking birds dive-bombing your face. Okay, it is not that bad, but it can definitely get loud. Finally, I get ahold of Kyle and  he tells me, wait for it, we were invited to be the Courtside Kids. I literally couldn’t believe my ears and I was speechless, but only for about 10 seconds. “So long story short, some things fell through and you’d really be doing us a huge favor if you are willing to fill the spot with your students,” is what I heard right before I gasped, “OMG, YES! We would love to do it and they will be so excited.” Boy was I right, they were ecstatic and it made the rest of the trip go pretty quickly in light of all the enthusiasm and anticipation.

    Apparently it was my day of miracles because from there it only got better. Inside the Moda Center,  I was browsing with a small group of students and a lady approached me in the gift shop. She says to me, “Hi, I am a season ticket holder and I get 20% of everything. If you wanted me to apply it at the end for you and/or your students, I’d be happy to do that.” I was so taken aback that I exclaimed, “Are you serious?!” Once I see that she is, I am sort of scrambling because I am not ready and we are trying to be on time. She waits patiently on the side and even helps me pick out the cutest shirt that flatters me best. WHAT? A personal shopper and a discount, what are the chances. In the end, she applied her discount and I end up getting my clothing and two other student’s items for only $15 dollars more than I would have spent on only one thing.

    By this time, I am so excited that I can barely breathe and I just keep thinking, what is happening here. This is miraculous. I drop my students at the meeting spot and this angel lady is still with us. She turns to me and asks if I have a second to come with her. She proceeds to bring me down to her seats, which are right on the court. She tells me that I am her guest and I am welcome to come down, sit by her, take pictures of my students’ front and center, or whatever else I want to do. She points out repeatedly how much she loves teachers (and me) and that she really means it. The best part is that by being her unofficial VIP, I get to break the traditional rules of the Courtside Kids. This means that instead of being up on a side staircase with all the other parents and teachers, I get to be right in the action, videoing the entire thing, taking selfies, and just generally having a BLAST!!!!

    The experience of Courtside Kids is epic and then we get to break off to just watch the game and meander, as originally intended. I am probably more excited than them because I realize what just happened, JUST DOESN’T HAPPEN and that it is a very expensive experience that we are getting for free. We are walking around when one of my past students, an eighth grader shrieks, “OMG that is Cole Anthony right there. You don’t understand, out of the top 100 High School Players, he’s like #2 in the world! I want a picture, but he’s getting food. I don’t want to be that guy who bugs him while he’s eating…”  As much as I love basketball, I don’t have nearly the dedication he does so I have no idea what or who he is talking about at first. Suddenly, I hatch a plan. We nonchalantly hang around (as if we don’t know who he is), and wait until he walks by with his pizza. Then, I step out right as they walk by to create a diversion. It works!!! The player stops and takes pictures with my eighth grader and so does his fellow teammate. Later, we see that they are barely signing anything and they aren’t taking pictures. It was SO awesome!

    The game was incredibly close, but of course the Trailblazers took it 136 to 116. Go Blazers!!!!! The students were excited and very obnoxious with the noise makers, in a good way though. J We left in high spirits that were only improved as each received a bobble head as they were walking out the door. We giggled and shrieked as we made our way back to the bus. Luckily, it was filled with refreshments since we were already getting home at 1:30 in the morning, so we definitely had no time to stop and eat. We had a glorious trip home, sharing stories with each other and eventually hit the school at 2:00 am. It was well worth it. I have never experienced anything close to this in my life and for me, it was a true “bucket list,” type item. This trip revived my spirits and created a bonding experience in my group that could never be duplicated. Thank you Wishkah Valley School District for helping to make experiences like these a reality for our Wishkah students. It really was the trip of a lifetime!


    Wishkah at Portland game

    The Wishkah group got to welcome the Trail Blazers onto the court before pre-game warmups and spent the entire warmup session on the floor .

    And Ms. Cook got to sneak onto the floor with the kids, too.


    Courtside at Moda Center, Portland

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  • QOTD - What's Your Favorite Thing To Do Outside School?

    Posted by Wishkah Publishing on 5/9/2019 8:15:00 AM

    What's Your Favorite Thing To Do Outside of School?

    Hey Wishkah, hope your having a lovely Wednesday. Here is the Question Of The Day: What’s your favorite thing to do outside of school?


    • Party it up yo… jk I take lots of naps
    • Soccer for life!!!!!
    • Sleep, eat
    • What I like to do outside of school is to play and hang with friends. Also family members. I don’t really like to play video games
    • My favorite thing to do outside of school is hangout with my mom and watch a show with her,  talk to friends, and just talk and be with my family all together.
    • My favorite thing to do outside of school is to talk and walk with all of my 7 dogs.
    • I like to volunteer, ride motorcycles (both street and dirt), travel with my husband, and hang out with my 17 and 3 year old grandsons.


    Thanks for reading the student blog. If you have a suggestion for the next question, or any thing you would like to see on the blog, please contact Cristil Schrotberger, JJ Morris, Allison Van Blaricom, Josh Johnson, Fhasai Kaewjarernwong, or Mr. Burns. We would love to hear from our fellow students, staff, and community.

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  • Can Wishkah Valley support another sport in 2019-2020?

    Posted by Wishkah Publishing on 5/7/2019 3:00:00 PM

    Survey: Can Wishkah support another sport?


    For the 2019-2020 season, we'd like to ask you a question. Do you believe Wishkah Valley can support another sport? If so, what sport. If not, why? Is there one sport that can be done to get more people involved and not hurt other sports?


    Let's hear from you on this one. Answer the survey and send your ideas to Publishing@Wishkah.org

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  • Wishkah Band/Cheerleaders win trophies

    Posted by Wishkah Publishing on 5/7/2019 7:00:00 AM

    Wishkah Band & Cheerleaders win
    Long Beach Parade trophies

    Wishkah Band/Cheerleaders Long Beach group photo


    The annual trip to Long Beach to the Long Beach Loyalty Day Parades for the Wishkah Valley School Band and Cheerleaders was successful and a lot of fun.

    With the majority of the weekend trip filled with camping, camaraderie and cookies, not to mention a possibly haunted hotel, Wishkah returned home with three first-place trophies from the two parades -- the band won first place in the Ilwaco Children's Parade and the Loyalty Day Parade, while the cheerleaders won first place in the Loyalty Day Parade.

    Congrats to all of the band members and cheerleaders, plus the teachers, parents and volunteers, for all of their hard work.


    The Ilwaco Children's Parade first-place trophy

    The Loyalty Day Parade plaque

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  • New photo gallery (Band practice)

    Posted by Wishkah Publishing on 5/3/2019 3:00:00 PM

    There is a new photo gallery up in Student Life, a look at the band practice before the current trip to Long Beach.


    Visit here: Band Practice for Long Beach

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  • Wishkah at Taholah Career Fair

    Posted by Wishkah Publishing on 4/26/2019 3:00:00 PM

    Wishkah students at Taholah Career Fair

    Hello Wishkah.

    On Thursday, April 25th, Wishkah took a field trip to the Taholah Career Fair to learn about trade jobs and try out a few pieces of heavy machinery. The Quinault Indian Tribe TERO program put the fair together. The event sponsors included the Quinault Beach Resort and Casino, Local Laborers Union #252, Puyullap Indian Nation TERO, Liuna! Local 252, WDOT, Alta Forest Products, Quinault Indian Nation Road Department.


    Several local and regional companies were represented at the fair. They included the Quinault Indian Nation Road Department, Washington State Department of Transportation, Alta, Northwest Construction Union, Liuna (Northwest Labors-Employers), Twin Harbors Skills Center, Grays Harbor College, Quinault Indian Nation TERO program, and Grays Harbor WorkSource.


    Many of the students who participated learned about what jobs are available, and what they do, such as painting, electrician work, and much more. The students were also offered free lunch, provided by the Quinault Beach Resort. Also, a raffle for gift cards was held, with all students present getting a ticket. Two of the wishkah students won gift cards, which were provided by the participating companies.

    Wishkah at Tahola Career Fair

    James on the roller

    Wishkah at Taholah Career Fair

    Wishkah at Taholah Career Fair

    Wishkah at Taholah Career Fair

    Yuri at Taholah Career Fair

    Benjamin and James won gift certificates during the Taholah Career Fair

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