• 2019-2020 AOK!  

    Welcome to the New School Year! 2019-2020!

    Here are items to get you ready to practice and expand your skills in English class this coming year.

    Have fun picking out items that feel right in your hands.  Please try to go to shops that offer you a place to "test drive" their pens before purchasing them.  Decide for yourself what feels best, a gel pen or a ball point?  There are some great, inexpensive pens that come in packages of 3 or more that make it worth the time. 

    In the classroom, that sense of ownership is tremendously important, right down to the writing tools in use.  The work is hard enough and low quality tools are frustrating, no matter what.  So, thank you to parents and families in advance for helping your kids have their English toolbox ready for the work ahead.  I really appreciate the investment you are making, on so many levels.  It is going to be ANOTHER wonderful year, and my eleventh one at Wishkah!

    You, the students and families, make Wishkah a great place to be a teacher.

    Thank you again,

    Mrs. Kilpatrick

     2018-2019 School Supplies for All WVS 7-12 English Language Arts Classes

    • One big notebook, or 2 spiral notebooks of 150-200 each; college ruled is preferred.  Plain or fancy is ok. 
    • 1 Composition book, lined, college ruled; plain or fancy is ok.
    • Pencil box or pouch for the following supplies. Please, put your name on it clearly (plain or fancy/personalized is ok; just not too big!)
    • 1 box of good pencils
    • 3-5 blue or black writing pens of your preference; TRY THEM OUT BEFORE PURCHASING at the testing area, like at Staples or other office supply companies b/c you need to choose ones you like and will take care of.  It is an important tool you will use every day in class.
    • 1 pkg of different colors of highlighters (3 or more)
    • 2 pkg of sticky notes, around 2"x 2", 100 ct each (any color or style, but choose ones easy to write & read notes on)
    • 4 pkg of 100 ct. 3"x5" note cards, plain white, lined 
    • Personal ear-buds or headphones for class and testing
    • 1-2 red or purple pen for editing (fine tipped gel or ballpoint; no felt-tips)
    • 1 box of fine tipped colored markers or felt tipped pens (simple, nothing fancy; 8 colors or more)
    • Optional:  thumbdrive (sometimes handy for documents, especially for bringing in research collected from off WVS campus)
    • Optional and super appreciated:  1 box of facial tissue for the classroom for the season of sneezin' ahead