•  Ticonderogas are the best pencils.

    7-12 ELA Welcome!

    Thank you for making it to what now seems an Old Fashion web page.

    We are using the Learning Management System, Canvas, to deliver content and instruction to students this year.

    Please contact me, the District, or Principal Shannon Patterson with any of your questions or concerns by email:

    Rebecca Kilpatrick 7-12 ELA rkilpatrick@wishkah.org

    Shannon Patterson spatterson@wishkah.org






    • 1 big notebook for English class
    • 2 pocket folders
    • 1 packet of loose leaf notebook paper 
    • Sticky notes for note taking
    • 3 packets 100 index cards
    • Personal reading material (book, magazine, etc) for daily reading
    • Good pens and pencils, and assorted highlighters or felt tip pens
    • Pocket Dictionary (less than $10) optional but strongly recommended; American Heritage, Websters, etc.
    • DONATIONS of facial tissue and large Ziplock baggies are most appreciated



    Mrs. R. Kilpatrick