•  Ticonderogas are the best pencils.

    7-12 ELA Welcome!

    Thank you for making it to what now seems an Old Fashion web page.

    We are using the Learning Management System, Canvas, to deliver content and instruction to students this year.

    Please contact me, the District, or Principal Edwina Hargrave with any of your questions or concerns by email:

    Rebecca Kilpatrick 7-12 ELA rkilpatrick@wishkah.org

    Principal Hargrave     ehargrave@wishkah.org.


    • 4 college ruled composition books (1 per quarter)
    • Pens and pencils, and assorted highlighters or felt tip pens
    • Pocket Dictionary (less than $10) optional but strongly recommended; American Heritage, Websters, etc.


    Mrs. K's ELA Info on Youtube  

    Dear 7-12 ELA Families,

    Here are youtube videos for you to watch when you are able to.  They are about students' Canvas and the curriculum we are currently engaged in at every grade level.

    Thank you for being here at Wishkah!

    Mrs. R. Kilpatrick


    FOR ALL 7-12 ELA     Link to the video here

    12 ELA

    Link to12 ELA Overview  video #1 12ELA     

    Link to 12 ELA Canvas Overview video #2 12 ELA   

    11 ELA

    Link to 11 ELA Overview & Canvas  

    10 ELA 

    Link to 10 ELA Overview & Canvas  

    9 ELA 

    Link to 9 ELA Overview & Canvas        

    8 ELA

    Link to 8 ELA Overview & Canvas     


    Link here to 7ELA Overview & Canvas