• The Associated Student Body (ASB) is a formal organization of students, including sub-component or affiliated student groups, formed at Wishkah Schools. The programs of the ASB are any optional, noncredit, extra-curricular activity conducted in whole or in part by or on behalf of an ASB, during or outside regular school hours, within or outside school grounds and facilities and conducted with the approval of the school district or under the official designee to whom authority has been delegated to act on behalf of an ASB or sub-component group. ASB programs and activities must be of a cultural, athletic, recreational or social nature.

    Money generated or collected, including fundraising proceeds, in conjunction with ASB activities, is public money which must be deposited into the ASB Fund. ASB public money may only be used for optional, noncredit, extra-curricular events and activities of a cultural, athletic, recreational, or social nature.

    In general, carryover amounts from one year to another are due to anticipated expenditures for student activities which take more than a year of fundraising. These funds are not available for curricular or graded student activities.

    This financial report reflects the summary ASB account balances by school. Beginning balances, current year transactions, and ending balances as of August of the current fiscal year. The report is unaudited and does not reflect final ending balances for the fiscal year.

    Posting of this report to the www.wishkah.org website ensures compliance with RCW 28A.325.050 and is not representative of a school’s full fiscal year transactions.

    ASB Funds Report Fiscal Year Ending August 2015

    ASB Funds Report Fiscal Year Ending August 2016

    ASB Funds Report Fiscal Year Ending August 2017

    ASB Funds Report Fiscal Year Ending August 2018

    ASB Funds Report Fiscal Year Ending August 2019

    ASB Funds Report Fiscal Year Ending December 2019