• March 31st, 2017


    Child Care/Pre-School Program at Wishkah School


    Dear Community Members,


    Over the past several months the Board has been discussing the possibility of creating a Child Care/Pre-School Program at Wishkah School. Representatives from the district have met with Department of Early Learning (DEL) representatives to find out how we can start this program.


    We have held several meetings on how the Child Care/Pre-School Program would be able to provide community members with a high quality day care and provide them additional flexibility in having their children attend Wishkah School.


    Ms. Katriina Reime has taken a lead role in leading this Child Care/Pre-School Program initiative along with several community parents/partners.


    On the reverse side of this letter is a survey form for those community members who would be interested in Child Care/Pre-School Program at Wishkah School. If you are interested in this program or know of someone who may be interested, either as a parent sending a child, volunteer, or employee, please complete this survey and return it to Gwen Hamilton in the main office by April 10th, 2017.


    After we have received the surveys, the Child Care/Pre-School Program Committee will discuss how we could move forward with making this program a reality. Afterwards, additional information will be shared with the community.


    Your Partners in Education,



    Dennis Johnson, Superintendent of Schools               Katriina Reime, Elementary Teacher