• "Non-regular" Classroom Day 1

    Posted by Jackie Cook on 3/17/2020

    Day 1


    Happy St. Patty's Day

    I added some resources/websites to the school's website for the kiddos to do under files on our classroom page.  I'm going to do my best at adding stuff to the google classroom for them to do. Teachers are still under the direction of what I would call "suggested" learning plans/ideas for parents.  We understand that not everyone has the same opportunities as everyone else and we understand that being safe and healthy is first priority. Just remember that no one truly knows how long this furlong from school will be and we want what's best for everyone in our community. 


    I’ll be putting a list of our kiddos emails so everyone can write to each other.  I’m going to send a group email so we can all talk to each other (they really like to chat) and send pictures of what they’ve been up to.  You’ll have to show them how to email and talk to them about writing appropriate emails.


    May I make suggestions to the kiddos and parents, that rounties and exercise are very important in stressful times.  Bedtimes and wakeup times help the kiddos with curbing the depression of not being around friends at school. Have them do a daily journal with writing and drawing their feelings or thoughts on what's going on in their lives.  And have fun, this is pretty stressful on all of us.     


    All the classroom fish made the transition to the small tank.  Frank (betta) is soooooo excited to be watched by PNut and Panda all day long.  Blobby (plecostomus "sucker" fish) has completely cleaned the small tank and is looking happy so far stuck in the smaller tank.  PNut and Panda are happy to see all the fish, I think they think their mom has stockpiled sushi for them.


    Food program starts tomorrow from 10:00 am -11:55 am at different sites across WVSD and not at the school.  Check the school’s memo on the website for times and sites. This morning and afternoon I was working on a connection to help bring more food and supplies to our local community during these times.


    I’m still using classdojo and checking my email. Let me know of any issues or if you need WVSD or help.


    -Ms. Cook


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