• Should Wishkah bring back vending machines?

    Posted by Wishkah Publishing on 1/13/2019 12:00:00 PM

    Survey: Vending Machines

    Click the link above to tell us if you want Wishkah to bring back vending machines

    Stock photo, vending machines | Shutterstock

    Hello Wishkah community. 

    We were thinking -- Should we bring back vending machines?

    Wishkah, in the past, did have vending machines. So, we asked a few students and staff members what they thought. "We should bring them back," eighth grader Dylan Richart said. Richart noted he's heard other students would like them back as well. "It would help the school if somehow the money could go back to the school. That way, the school can afford things it can't afford right now," he added.

    Sixth grade teacher Ashley Ellefson added, "We should bring back the vending machines because students would not feel the need to sneak off campus to go to the Thompson Store." She noted if they do happen to bring them back, she would like to see if they can make the snacks and drinks healthier for the students.

    Seventh grader Preslie Perron said she would like to see vending machines back because it would help our community as a school and if some kids don’t have a lunch, they can get a snack.

    English teacher Rebecca Kilpatrick thinks she personally wouldn’t want to bring them back unless they had a healthier choice. She also isn't in favor of corporate labels inside the school. "If we did have a vending machine for drinks, it would cause more waste, since we now have a new water fountain," Kilpatrick added.

    So Wishkah what do you think? Should we bring them back? There is a link to a survey at the top of this page. Click the link and fill out the survey. We will publish the results at the end of the week.

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  • QOTD - What are you doing during Christmas break?

    Posted by Wishkah Publishing on 12/14/2018 8:00:00 AM

    Hey Wishkah, hope your having a lovely day. Here is the Question Of The Day: What are your plans for Christmas break?


    • To buy Ricky Goosman a giraffe to make him feel tall.  -Lil Mex
    • To open things! & to go to Bry’s house and be with family
    • To go shopping and eat a lot of food
    • I’m going to hang out with family and relax
    • Seeing my grandma because i like my grandma… a little.  -Alex
    • Open presents from santa!  -Audra
    • My plans are to watch all the Harry Potters.
    • Buy Owen Mcneil.  -Jeffry Star
    • Sit around and get all fat and happy & see my friends and spread some joy. -Abbi
    • Lots of family time! Baking cookies and watching Christmas movies! Merry Christmas! -Christe Goodenough
    • Sleep, sleep, sleep. Maybe some more sleep. Mia
    • My plans for Christmas break is spending time with my brother and family.
    • To sit on the couch and hope for snow.
    • SLEEP :)
    • My plans for Christmas break are sleeping and being antisocial.
    • I’m gonna attack my mom and sleep all day. -Royce
    • Going to me grandmas. -Adrian  

    Thanks for reading the student blog. If you have a suggestion for the next question, or any thing you would like to see on the blog, please contact Cristil Schrotberger, JJ Morris, Allison Van Blaricom, Josh Johnson, or Mr. Burns. We would love to hear from our fellow students, staff, and community.

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  • Seattle Field Trip set for Dec. 11

    Posted by Rob Burns on 11/30/2018 3:00:00 PM



    Hallway Skating | Wishkah Publishing

    Hey Wishkah! Guess what? We have a field trip coming up and it’s a fun one!

    This field trip is to the Pacific Science Center in Seattle on Tuesday, Dec. 11 for grades 6-12. However, there is a catch -- you have to have good grades in order to go (C and above is the requirement.) The bus will leave at 7:30am. There will also be an opportunity to go and ice skate. You will have to pay for your own skates -- $8. A sack lunch will be provided from the school. If you wish, you can pay for a lunch at the Seattle Pavillion. Students will be required to hold on to their own money. The students will be seeing a presentation in the planetarium, a show about Jupiter.

    Get your grades up! You won't want to miss this! Never ice skated before? No problem! Pull on some socks and skate through the halls.

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  • QOTD - If you had the world's attention for 30 seconds, what would you say?

    Posted by Wishkah Publishing on 11/30/2018 3:00:00 PM

    Welcome Wishkah. Here is the question of the day: If you had the world’s attention for 30 seconds what would you say?


    • I’d tell kids to get off their phones and go explore. I’d tell parents to spend more time with kids, rather than give them electronics to entertain them. I’d run it through their heads that phones are taking over the world. I’d ask them how many people can change a tire, or change there oil? And then I’d ask how many people can download an app or how many people could fix a tweaked out phone? Show how much this world has changed.
    • I would tell people 2 luv yoself mo & to get all yo thangs done & quit falling behind in school it’s important!!!!
    • Geet your fax straight -Meygan
    • Say that people are messed up. -Molly
    • I wouldn't say anything because i don't like talking in front of large groups of people or small groups of people, or anybody. -Kelcey Bernhardy
    • They did surgery on a grape.
    • Whaddup my dude
    • Send me snacks at my address.
    • Hi my name is TREY and I have a basketball game tomorrow. -Dylan
    • Go visit your parents and grandparents.
    • Believe in yourself be kind to others. You are beautiful! You are cared about. -Christie Goodenagh


    Thanks for reading the student blog. If you have a suggestion for the next question, contact Cristil Schrotberger, JJ Morris, Allison Van Blaricom, Josh Johnson, or Mr. Burns. We would love to hear from our fellow students, staff, and community.

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  • QOTD - What are you thankful for?/What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

    Posted by Wishkah Publishing on 11/20/2018 11:00:00 AM

    We have two questions today, just in time for Thanksgiving. Here is the first question:What are you thankful for?


    • Just like everyone else - I’m thankful for friends and family, but I’m also thankful for CAMELS! -Mrs.Seidel
    • All the people in my life.
    • For life and family -Ryan Erickson
    • My parents and my best friend. They do so much for me every day, there is no way to thank them enough for everything they do.
    • A great family, awesome friends, and a beautiful girlfriend.
    • My homies, my fam, my bf, and burta. - JJ Morris
    • I’m thankful for a healthy body and a happy family and Gwen. -Abbi Van Blaricom
    • Education
    • My family, music, and art. - Kymber Burge
    • I’m thankful for having a roof over my head and having a family that loves me.
    • My elbows
    • Mrs. Ellefson, my mom, my dad, my family, and the class. -Isa
    • I am thankful for the radiation my grandma gets so she can get better.
    • Football, Turkey, Pumpkin pie,and family and friends. -Mr. Richardson


    The other question we have asked is: What is your favorite Thanksgiving food? Here are the responses:

    • Sugar free pumpkin pie and real whip cream. -Mr.Richardson
    • My favorite Thanksgiving food is the turkey my mom cooks and stuffs with stuffing each year.
    •   Turkey is my favorite Thanksgiving food. -Isa
    • Rolls.
    • Turkey.
    • Mashed potatoes and gravy. -Kymber
    • Cheese ball.
    • All of it but the gross cranberry stuff. -Abbi Van Blaricom
    • Mashed potatoes bro and rolls. -JJ Morris
    • Either Pumpkin pie or lemon Meringue.
    • My dad's green bean casserole! It’s the best thing at Thanksgiving!
    • Mashed potatoes and gravy. -Ryan Erickson
    • Stuffing and pie.
    • I love the stuffing, we use my mother-in-law’s recipe that has lots of butter, crustless white bread chunks, celery, and onion. -Mrs.Siedel


    Thanks for reading the student blog. If you have a suggestion for the next question, contact Cristil Schrotberger, JJ Morris, Allison Van Blaricom, Josh Johnson, or Mr. Burns. We would love to hear from our fellow students, staff, and community.

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  • Wishkah band played at WSU

    Posted by Wishkah Publishing on 11/19/2018 3:00:00 PM

    Wishkah Band at Cougar Plaza, WSU | Mrs. Patterson photo


    On Saturday night, the Wishkah band -- 19 high school students -- were a part of the Washington State University marching band and played at halftime of the Washington State-Arizona Pac-12 Conference football game at Martin Stadium.

    They played the Washington State University’s fight song and "Africa" by Toto.

    The band spent the weekend touring the campus, enjoying the sights and hanging out with other schools' band members and WSU students. 

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  • Veterans Day Flag Ceremony and Band Performance

    Posted by Wishkah Publishing on 11/13/2018 3:00:00 PM

    Troop 100 | Wishkah Publishing

    In conjunction with Veteran’s Day, Wishkah Valley School hosted Boys Scout Troop 100 in a flag retirement ceremony on Friday morning.


    Jack Roman, of Troop 100, came to the school as a guest speaker and spoke in front of the student body, staff and administration about the flag ceremony itself. He talked about the traditions of the retirement ceremony -- changing the flag with a new one and respectfully burning the old one. Mrs. Patterson played “Taps” as the old flag was placed inside a small fire pit to be disposed of, and a new one was replaced by the troops and raised into place.


    The school then recited the Pledge of Allegiance and observed a moment of silence for all veterans.

    Commander Jack Roman | Wishkah Publishing

    On Monday, Wishkah students celebrated Veterans Day again, with the first through fifth graders singing patriotic songs. The were followed by the High School Band performed on buckets; the performance was called fresh trash. The songs performed by the Elementary School classes were "God Bless The USA" and "Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue."


    Wishkah High School Band | Wishkah Publishing

    Elementary school students singing | Wishkah Publishing

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  • What's Your Rainbow? Kyla German

    Posted by Rob Burns on 11/7/2018 1:30:00 PM

    Kyla German | Wishkah Publishing

    Good afternoon Wishkah.


    Kyla German is this week's Rainbow feature. This energetic 6th grader came up with a great quote for her rainbow to share with the community. Later this week, we will have another Rainbow feature.


    If you have an idea on who you'd like to see in this spot, send Mr. Burns a note at publishing@wishkah.org.

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  • QOTD - What game do you want to play in the next pep assembly?

    Posted by Wishkah Publishing on 11/5/2018 3:00:00 PM

    Good morning Wishkah!  Here is the question of the day for this week:What game would you like to play at the next pep - assembly? Here are some of our responses we have received.


    • Tug-o-War.
    • Tag or freeze tag. -Alana
    • Soccer.
    • Blanket race.
    • Balloon games, Beach ball games, Pool noodle hockey, Pie/hot dog eating contest, Human hungry hungry hippos, Teacher/student face painting contest, Teacher/student kickball, Minute to win it games. -Mrs.Cook
    • A big group of duck duck goose! Ya!
    • Football players v.s cheerleaders dodge ball


    Thanks for reading the student blog. If you have a suggestion for the next question, contact Cristil Schrotberger, JJ Morris, Allison Van Blaricom, Josh Johnson, or Mr. Burns.


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  • Joey Brenneman scores 7 TDs for Loggers in Homecoming Game

    Posted by Rob Burns on 10/28/2018 8:00:00 AM

    On Homecoming and Senior Day, Wishkah rallied to close to within two scores before falling to Oakville, 58-46, in a Coastal League 8-man football game at Bob Addison Memorial Field on Saturday.
    Joey Brenneman scored seven total touchdowns for Wishkah — a 5-yard pass to Dylan Richart, a 14-yard run, a 50-yard kickoff return, a 61-yard kickoff return, a 59-yard run, a 74-yard run and a 62-yard reception and run from Owen McNeill. Skylor Boggs had six tackles for a loss to lead the defense.
    Wishkah finished with a 1-6 record.

    Oakville 14 8 16 20 — 58
    Wishkah 0 14 6 26 — 46
    O - Nathan Boyd 84 run (N. Boyd run)
    O - Sam Starr-Wright 1 run (run failed)
    W - Dylan Richart 5 pass from Joey Brenneman (Brenneman to Richart)
    W - Brenneman 14 run (run failed)
    O - N. Boyd 61 run (Starr-Wright run)
    O - N. Boyd 9 run (Boyd run)
    O - Mathew Kimbrel 42 run (N. Boyd run)
    W - Brenneman 50 kickoff return (run failed)
    O - Starr-Wright 20 pass from N. Boyd (N. Boyd run)
    W - Brenneman 61 kickoff return (Brenneman run)
    O - Kimbrel 2 run (N. Boyd run)
    W - Brenneman 59 run (run failed)
    O - N. Boyd 1 run (run failed)
    W - Brenneman 74 run (pass failed)
    W - Brenneman 62 pass from Owen McNeill (run failed)

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