Dear WVS Seniors,


    Mr. Yoder would like you to keep the following items in mind as you progress toward June 2015’s high school graduation:


    • Keep volunteering in the community this year and logging your hours with the appropriate forms to document your commitment to making the community a better place because scholarships and grants are awarded to people who are deserving, to those who show they are worth the investment (of other people’s money).  So keep up your good deeds and keep a record of them. 

    • Start thinking about asking those you are helping to write a letter of recommendation for you, too.  Start asking SOON for letters of recommendation.   Ask three more people than you think you need for this.  Ask them sooner than later.  Be specific and tell them what qualities and what activities you would like to have the writer focus on; think of the letters as evidence and as a showcase of your qualifications. 

    •  Keep in mind the foreign language and math and English requirements for admission to most 4 year universities requires that you come prepared from high school with 4 years of each.  If you have a university in mind, now is the time to consult their requirement for admission to the university (and to the college you will attend at the university especially if you’re thinking UW).

    • Do homework on the future you’d like to enjoy in 10 years, 20 years . . . how do you get there from here?  What steps are necessary?  What training?  This will be very helpful when it comes to writing your letters of intention and personal statements.

Last Modified on November 13, 2014