NOVEMBER 18, 2008                                                                        7:00 P.M.



    CHAIRMAN _________________________________




    MEMBERS PRESENT                                              GUESTS

    Mike Pauley, Chairman                                              Craig Gallington

    Jim Peterson                                                               Chris Gish                  

    Dee Busse                                                                 

    Ray Yoder, Superintendent                                       

    Joel Tyndell, Principal                                                

    Sandy Sundling, Business Manager                                      



    The meeting was called to order by the chairman, Mr. Pauley. The flag salute was said by all present. Rick McDougall and Jina Gardiner were excused.



    Mrs. Busse made a motion to approve the agenda. Mr. Peterson seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.



    Mr. Yoder informed the board that the district was awarded AYP recognition for the 2006-2007 school year. Out of 100 schools in our region only 25 schools were selected. Mr. Yoder presented Mr. Tyndell with the plates for the plaques, and stated that everyone appreciates what Mr. Tyndell and the teachers do to meet the AYP standards. Mr. Yoder stated that it shows a good balance in all areas; academics, athletics, and electives. There was some additional conversation about the future of AYP and the consequences of not reaching AYP.



    A. No members



    Mr. Peterson made a motion to approve the consent agenda, Mrs. Busse seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.



    A. Energy Project – Mr. Gish from Richmond Engineering explained an email from the previous week regarding two heating and ventilation proposal recommendations. He has been communicating with the BPA, and Grays Harbor PUD. There is a rebate per fixture and kilowatt hour, currently the rebates will total around $10,000 to $12,000. Kevin Howerton from the Grays Harbor PUD is now also working on the project as well. Mr. Gish stated that his scope of work was to identify energy savings. Mr. Peterson clarified that the energy being discussed is electrical energy. Richmond Engineering and the PUD are both currently still working through the BPA. Mr. Peterson asked if there is a change to the low benefit cost from before, except for the rebate of $10,000 to $12,000 that is relatively low compared to the cost. Mr. Gish stated that he will forward Mr. Yoder a copy of an email he received from Mr. Howerton regarding that question. Mr. Gish stated that it seemed from that email that the PUD is willing to work with the school in addition to what the BPA will do, because of the updates that need to be done. Mr. Peterson stated that he wants to know what all the rebates will be before they agree to start the project, because what is proposed will actually consume more electricity and the BPA is motivated by savings. Mr. Gallington stated that the lighting system is 20 years old and we cannot by parts to replace them. So when the lights fail we have to replace them and if the BPA is willing to help replace the lighting it is better than nothing. Mr. Gish stated that there was also information in the email regarding insulation. Mr. Peterson clarified that there is still no help with the cost of replacing the heating system, so the board will have to address that directly through a levy. Mrs. Busse asked what the roof top system was. Mr. Gallington stated that it is exactly like what was done for the Library. Mr. Gish stated that it is a heat and air conditioning unit combined in one. Mr. Gish also stated that the proposal that is the most realistic and inexpensive is to replace the diesel boiler with a propane unit and to replace the classroom ventilators. Mr. Peterson asked if the distribution system would need to be replaced. Mr. Gallington stated that the distribution system is good but that the ventilators that are in the classroom now are very old and parts are not available to repair them anymore either. Mr. Gish stated that insulation needs to be added to all the buildings. Mr. Gish stated that the figures are high but they are realistic. It is better to plan for to high than to low. There was additional discussion regarding what areas need updated for heating.


    B. Mr. Peterson made a motion to approve the seconded reading of new and revised policies: 1105, 1105P, 3421, 3421P, 3432, 3432P, 6223, 2022, 2022P, 2412, 5610, 6801, 6801P. Mrs. Busse seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.



    7. NEW BUSINESS – None



    • Mr. Tyndell stated that Craig is working really hard and has done a good job on the shadow box for the Brian Eager Gymnasium Dedication. Jason from Coastline Signs, Muffy and Joel are working out the details of the sign. The dedication will be on December 23rd during the Christmas Basketball Tournament.
    • Mr. Tyndell stated that the Booster Club will paint the bleachers in the gym by November 28th.
    • Mr. Tyndell stated that Mr. Sandstrom and the Yearbook class are working very hard to presale yearbooks.
    • Mr. Tyndell stated that there are staff members that would like to put together a scholarship committee for the Gasparovich money. He has outlined what the committee should look like and hopefully they will meet on December 9th.
    • Mr. Tyndell explained the breakdown of Mrs. Petheram’s time and stated that we really need grant money now.
    • Mr. Tyndell stated that the renaissance program is doing very well. The Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Department donated $2000 towards the program. We had a great buckle up assembly. One student won a $120 gift certificate.
    • Mr. Tyndell, Jude Killen, and Gwen Hamilton are in the process of sending out registered letters to parents who did not attend conferences. By law we have to have a signed student learning plan in their file.
    • The VFW assembly was the best ever. Mr. Daly had the entire gym spellbound.
    • Mr. Pauley asked who Jenny Ward was. Mr. Tyndell stated that she is the student teacher with Mrs. Reibel in the 3rd/4th grade classroom and she is doing a very good job.
    • Mr. Tyndell stated that the discipline has jumped up, and it is not decreasing. We have gone from detention afterschool everyday to one night a week, and we are implementing in house suspension instead of sending the kids home. The students that were suspended for drinking came back to school behind.
    • Mr. Tyndell stated that we are down to 136.58 FTE.



    • Mr. Yoder stated that he received a subpoena for the gas spill restitution hearing dated for Thursday November 20th, but he received a call that the hearing has been postponed for another month or two to give the attorneys more time.
    • The restoration project for the creek as a result of the spill was put together with our science class and will be making annual reports to the BPA.
    • There will be a series of meetings about enrollment decline, educational program requirement, and budgeting due to the enrollment decline for the next couple of years.
    • Due to the 21st Century Program ending we have had to eliminate the afterschool and summer school program hours that were supported by that money. We have not eliminated staff, just the programs that were supported.
    • Mr. Yoder stated that he met with Steve Shish at OSPI and went over figures with our projected declining enrollment. Mr. Yoder stated that due to the small school factor we are guaranteed a certain amount of funding, so we will not have to worry about staffing. Through natural attrition we will be able to maintain our staffing. The difference does not come in number of employees the difference comes in programs. For example, they are talking of cutting the I-728 funding that is around $78,000. We are currently using that money for; para support, Kindergarten above half time, art program, shop program, and a 1/3 of our Library staff time.  If the state does make a decision to cut those funds we are going to have to cut the programs that those monies support. Not the people but the programs.
    • The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 2nd at 4:00 pm.
    • Mr. Yoder stated that there are 10 other K-12 districts in our state with an enrollment around 100 students, and we will be looking at their educational system to compare with our educational system.



    Mrs. Busse made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:42 p.m.



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