• Have a Question?

    1.     Where and how can I get extra help?          

    Teachers are available one-half hour before and after school to assist students.  Additionally, you may wish to contact Mrs. Petheram (x1290) and Mr. Richardson (x1020) about our after-school program which provides tutoring.

    2.     What time may I arrive at school?

    You may arrive no earlier than 8:00 A.M. Doors will be locked until that time. 

    3.     What do I do if I am absent?

    For students in grades K – 4, take an excuse note written by your parent/guardian to your first period teacher.  For students in grades 5 – 12, upon your return to school, bring a note to the office from your parent/guardian.

    4.     What if I am going on a trip?

    Have your parent/guardian pre-arrange your absence by contacting the principal in advance.  You may get make-up work from teachers prior to leaving.

    5.     What if I become ill during the school day?

    Check-in with your teacher, and ask for a hall pass to the office.  Report your illness to the nurse or Mrs. Hamilton.

    6.     What do I do if something is missing or lost?

    You should report the loss to Mrs. Hamilton and check the lost and found box. However, you are reminded not to bring large sums of money or other valuables to school as lockers do not have locks and are not secure.  The school district is not responsible for lost/stolen items left in unlocked lockers. 

    7.     What do I do if I have a locker problem?

    You need to report the problem to Mrs. Hamilton.  Secure a hall pass before leaving your classroom.

    8.     Who do I see if I am having a personal problem?

    You need to see a teacher, the principal, or some other adult staff member with whom you feel comfortable.

    9.     Where do I go if I need to buy a lunch ticket?

    Middle school and high school students need to see Mrs. Hamilton before the start of first period. Lunch money may also be paid in the cafeteria during lunch. Grades K-4 students need to give their lunch money to their teacher.

    10.   What do I do if my address or phone number changes?

    Inform Mrs. Hamilton.

    11.   May I bring a backpack to school?

    Yes, but if you have been issued a locker, backpacks must be kept there, and the backpack must be small enough to be easily accommodated by the locker. Students in grades K – 4 must store their backpacks in their classroom.  Backpacks must not be stored in aisles or on floors.

    12.   What do I do if I am detained by a teacher and will be late to my next class?

    You will need to ask the teacher for a pass to be given to the next teacher.

    13.   What do I do if it snows or the electricity is out?

    If you listen to the radio/T.V. on the stations listed at the top of page 6, information will be given about the Wishkah Valley School.

    14.   What if I want to put an announcement in the bulletin?

    You should give the announcement to Mrs. Hamilton one day before it is to run.  Bulletin announcements should run no longer than three days.
    15.   What do I do if I have a note excusing me from P.E.?
          You will need to give the note to your P.E. teacher prior to class and discuss make-up work with him/her.

            17. Am I allowed to turn in late work?

    We believe it is important to complete assignments on time.  Therefore, late work may be accepted only in the case of excused absences.  If you fail to turn in work because you did not complete it or forgot it, you may NOT turn it in later.

             18. What time do I need to leave the building? 

                 The doors are locked at 4:00PM.  There is no supervision after that time, so

                     no students are allowed in the building.


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Last Modified on February 9, 2010