• Wishkah Snow Routes


    Revised 11/28/2022

    Winter is fast approaching. With the change in weather comes delays due to snow and ice.  While you monitor the television for late start notices, you can now check for snow routes.  The following is a list of bus changes for snow route days:

    Upper Wishkah Bus:

    • The Upper Wishkah bus will be turning around at the end of the road and will not go out to the Donovick’s.

    Lower Wishkah Bus:

    • The Lower Wishkah bus will only go as far as Johnson Road.
    • Any students beyond Johnson Road can meet the bus at the end of Johnson Road.
    • The bus will not go down Johnson Road or the West Wishkah Road.

    East Hoquiam Bus:

    • The East Hoquiam bus will not go down the Greenwood Road or out to HWY 101.
    • Any student living on the Greenwood Road can meet the bus at the end of the Greenwood Road. Any student who get on at the Prairie Market will have to meet at Youmans Road old Bus stop.

    (Please make sure you check Facebook and the Wishkah Valley School web site for more up-to-date changes.)

    Change in GH County Snow & Ice Policy 

    In a letter provided by the Grays Harbor County Department of Public Services, the County has outlined changes to their maintenance work on county roads.  The letter states: 

    “The County Road Fund is experiencing a severe shortfall in Revenues caused by recession in the forest industry and other factors. We are reducing our maintenance work on county roads, which includes snow and ice control, to help reduce impact on available funds. Our morning sanding crews will start at 5:00am instead of 4:00am, one hour later than the starting time in the past.  Sanding county roads will not be scheduled unless there is a high possibility of wide spread ice.”

    What might this mean for Wishkah School?  Implementing snow routes may allow for fewer lost school days due to cancellation.  There is, though, an increase in the likelihood of more late starts as we wait for the County Maintenance crew to clear roads of snow and ice. 

Last Modified on November 28, 2022