• Hi!
    My name is Tove Reibel and I graduated from Wishkah Valley High School in 1981. After high school I attended Grays Harbor College and received my Associate Degree in 1983. I then entered the workforce and worked in the banking industry for 8 years. Looking for a career advancement led me to a position at Grays Harbor Medical. I took additional schooling at the Washington Training Institute and received my insurance license in home,fire,health & disability. In December of 1993 my husand David and I found out we were expecting our first child. I decided that I wanted to spend time with my child so after Shelby was born I started working out of my home. In 1995, I applied for a position at Wishkah School and my teaching career started. My first position was the Satellite Coordinator for the Spanish Program and later I moved on to being a paraeducator. After a few years I also took on a coaching position.  In 2004, I decided to go back to school and get my BA and teaching certificate. I was hired in 2006 at Wishkah School and have been here ever since. In 2008, I completed my pro-certification and Master's Dregree in Education.
    I enjoy working at Wishkah Valley and take pride in my students learning.
    Tove Reibel