• The New Wishkah School

    By the late 1950’s the old school was becoming obsolete. Enrollment was increasing and the original Wishkah School building which was of old style construction that was unsafe. So, to insure safety and to accommodate increasing enrollment, the school was rebuilt to meet modern standards in the 1960’s.
    The main building was rebuilt in 1961 and is the present building in use today. The new school contained a kindergarten class. Although the school was replaced, not all of the parts were disposed of. The old gym and the cafeteria remain and are used to this day.
    New Wishkah School
    (Present Day Picture of Wishkah School circa 2004 [front])
    New Wishkah School Side
    (Present Day Picture of Wishkah School circa 2004 [side])
Last Modified on April 16, 2020