• Haunted House

    Posted by Ashly Ellefson on 9/18/2015

    Haunted House

    When: October 30th, 2015

    Where: Wishkah Old Gym

    Who: Everybody with an emphasis on help from Second Grade families. 


    The Haunted House is not planned at all. We have never done this before and I am very hopeful for success. I have talked with some parents about supplies, etc.

    I will be sending home notes. I am hoping to form some sort of commitee. I don't expect huge time comitments. I just want to utilize your ideas and give a chance for input and resources.

    So this is just a casual update to keep your eyes open and to PLEASE, PLEASE, and PLEASE know that I will need help on the inside in terms of running things and I am really counting on your help.

    More to come... THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • Second Grade 2015- One Month Almost Down!!

    Posted by Ashly Ellefson on 9/18/2015

    Last year, look how much they have grown up!

    Dear families,

                        We are starting off our year in such a fantastic manner! The students are well behaved! The students are working hard! The students are using reasoning skills! I feel so excited and we are having so much fun! Thank you for all your support at Open House this year. I was so impressed to see such a large turnout. It was almost 100% and more support than I have ever seen! Appears that all the discipline forums we went through last year have finally paid off. Thank you parents! There was a lot of maturity that happened over the summer and I appreciate all your support to hit the ground running! Let's have an absolutely fanatastic year!!!!


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  • Welcome to School!

    Posted by Ashly Ellefson on 9/1/2014

     Looking forward to new curriculum and a fantastic year!. Math will be primarily EngageNY and Reading will consist of Journey's leveled readers, Curriculum Corner, and a Multisensory approach that I will attend a training for in November. The set up and management of the classroom will look much different this year. I am enthusiastic and excited!  Should be lots and lots of fun. :)

    Parents will alternate weeks to be the class snack monitor. I really appreciate the support of the parents on this. With these young, starving darlings, a daily snack will go a long way towards academic success.

    We will have a class Ice Cream Social on the first day of school. We will meet and learn about our classroom community and celebrate because
                                                       ITS GOING TO BE A SWEET YEAR!! 
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  • Teaching 1st & 2nd Grade & other important announcements

    Posted by Ashly Ellefson on 5/21/2013
    Dear Parents, I have so much to share with youthis week.
    Things have changed and I hope you will be as excited as I am tolearn that I will not be teaching 5
    th grade next year. Instead, Iwill be teaching 1st and 2nd.

    I am very excited to stay with this class! :p

    Together with Renaissance Comittee, We are doing a T-Shirt yearbook day wherethe students decorate shirts. This will be much more successful if you are willing to bringin 1 shirt and 1 fabric paint. for your child. THANKS!
    Also on a personal note,

    My oldest son has been invited on the National team for wrestling. Thiswill take him to three states. Due to this, I will be gone to Indiana from June5th- June 10th.  Ido sincerely apologize! I have never missed so much consecutive work but myfamily obligations are quite intense these last few months and I appreciateyour understanding. J

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  • Quinault Spruce Tree Field Trip

    Posted by Ashly Ellefson on 10/31/2012
    We are so excited for our field trip!! Please keep an eye out for the permission slip in this week's red boomerang folder. I have included information in our weekly newsletter also. However, I want to remind everyone again... Please don't forget to bring a sack lunch and rain gear! Also, please do not be late on this day, Friday November 9th. We would like to leave promptly at 8:30 so we can enjoy this experience to its fullest.

    We are going to see the largest Spruce Tree in Quinault to supplement our Foss science Tree Curriculum. Parents are invited and encouraged. Please make sure to hand in this additional vounteer sheet ,handed out at conferences, to me if you want to participate.

    Also, EVERY student must be PICKED UP from school at 12:45 so please do not forget this change or to sign the appropriate spot on the permission slip. Thanks so much for all your help and support. It is really contributing to us having a fabulous year!
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  • October News

    Posted by Ashly Ellefson on 10/19/2012
    Things are going very well in Kindergarten. We are finally past the rules part and now we can have more fun! The students are working hard and we are looking forward to the many fun October activities.
     *Wednesday the 25th we have our bake sale. Please don't forget to bring something for your student to share in the process of fundraising. Thanks! 
     *Thursday the 25th, we will be going to the Shaffner Farm's pumpkin patch and attending school all day. We are excited to have this opportunity if only for a day.
     *Friday the 26th, we will be having a Kindergarten Fall party with costumes encouraged!
        On the actual day of Halloween, I would appreciate costumes staying at home but we will do themed activities in class and we will have no homework. In the future is our school carnival. This will take place on November 17th.
        In Science, our grassheads are now home. It was fun but now we are now moving on. We have adopted a Christmas Cactus and a Licorice Fern. The students are excited about this and we are working on potentially growing trees to go with our Foss Curriculum.
        Last, I have decided to use a supplemental Curriculum called Curriculum Press instead of Collections for our phonics portion. The students will  now be using their Collections booklets as supplemental activities that will not be graded.
                                                               Thanks for reading!
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  • More on Curriculum

    Posted by Ashly Ellefson on 9/11/2012
    I am excited to announce the arrival of our Foss kits and curriculum. This unit has a focus on trees. Through real life exploration and experimentation, students will learn to classify, inquire, and discuss the features of trees. They will learn the key components that will form their base as they navigate through the Scientific process throughout Kindergarten and their entire school duration. As a class, we will undergo the process of growing a tree to be planted outside in the future.
    We are also growing "Grassheads." We will create these guys out of nylons, soil, grass seed, and cups. After decorating our "person," we will watch and water it as we watch changes and "hair" develop!
    We also have exciting developments happening in Reading. In addition to the Collections curriculum, we are excited to utilize a supplemental program. This tool is based around the five senses and teaches your child to develop and understand letters and words using every sense for true internalization. This hands- on approach incorporates strategies like drawing letters in sand, tapping, or pounding. Physical cues like these have been said to help greatly with the success of early learners and reading development. This program was originally designed to help students who struggle with Dyslexia. Now, fortunately, these tools have been reworked into a successful supplement for instruction in the classroom.  
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  • Curriculum

    Posted by Ashly Ellefson on 8/30/2012
    Math- We are using a program called Saxon Math and it is very exciting! This hands on approach allows students to use manipulatives as they learn and practice. Using the world around them is essential to helping Kindergarteners to understand. Math Bulletin boards, games, and centers add to this experience and allow an interactive math experience for your child.
    Reading- The core of this curriculum is called Collections. This program consists of many short readers, as well as an anthology and a phonics component. A new story is introduced every one to two days as students become familiar with print and the role of letters and words. This curriculum will be largely supplemented by reading in context of Science and Math. Our classroom reading center will play a large role in your child's exposure and will contribute to building a foundation for lifelong reading. You can assist by reading at home with your child often.
    Science- We will be doing experiments with Foss kits and other supplemental resources. I have a love for Science and this will reflect in our daily routines. We will be growing plants such as sunflowers or beans and we will spotlight a different Science concept or theme each day.
    Writing- Students will write every day in their classroom binder. This tool will accompany them during Calendar, Math, Science, or other creative times. Handwriting is D'Nealian based with handwriting homework each night. Words and letters will be reinforced using a word wall consisting of sight words and vocabulary where we practice using discussion, rhyme, or song.
    Art- This center will change daily. These centers and other projects will intertwine closely with seasonal or reading themes.
    History- Spotlights using artifacts or reading excerpts will be utilized as much as possible.
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  • I am looking forward to a wonderful year. Although there is always a primary focus on Reading & Math, we will be doing as much Science as we can! Little minds and bodies love to explore the world and I am excited to be part of this exploration ;)

    Posted by Ashly Ellefson on 8/27/2012
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